Dr James Laban

MBBS BSc (Hons) FRCS (Neuro.Surg) FRACS

Dr James Laban is an experienced and highly respected dual-certified consultant neurosurgeon and spine surgeon practising in Sydney. Dr Laban specialises in state-of-the-art spine, brain and peripheral nerve surgery, using minimally-invasive techniques, robotics and computer-guidance.

As Director of Neurosurgery at St George’s University Hospital in London, one of the world’s largest teaching hospitals and a neurosurgical centre of excellence, Dr Laban treated patients with the most complex neurosurgical conditions from all around the world. He was educational and clinical governance lead and faculty board member of the Health Education England Neurosurgery Training Committee and the Neurosurgical Specialist Advisory Group. In 2017, in recognition of his international work, he was appointed Honorary Professor of Neurosurgery at Cangzhou People’s Hospital, Hebei, China.

Prior to returning to Sydney in 2018, Dr Laban’s busy private practice was based in the elite medical centres of Harley Street, The London Clinic and The Lister and Cromwell hospitals where he provided expert care and treatment to a large notable international patient base.

Dr Laban now runs a large private practice in Sydney looking after patients with brain, spine and peripheral nerve disorders. His multidisciplinary team has extensive experience and together they provide world-class patient-centred care.

Dr Laban believes deeply in listening to patient’s concerns and delivering comprehensive and personalised treatment programs to achieve the best possible health outcome.


Spine Surgery

Dr Laban is a specialist spinal surgeon who provides expert and quality care using minimally invasive techniques and cutting edge technology

Brain Surgery

Dr Laban is a highly qualified and respected brain surgeon with vast experience and technical excellence in specialist cranial neurosurgery

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Dr Laban is an experienced and respected neurosurgeon with expertise in specialist peripheral nerve surgery