Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Dr Laban consult and operate?

Dr Laban consults from his rooms in North Shore Private Hospital, Dee Why, Erina, and Woy Woy. Dr Laban also offers online phone and video (telehealth) consultations. Dr Laban operates at North Shore Private Hospital, East Sydney Private Hospital and Northern Beaches Hospital.

Does Dr Laban offer telehealth consultations?

Yes. Dr Laban offers face-to-face and online phone / video (telehealth) consultations. You can make an appointment with Dr Laban by telephone, email or by completing our enquiry form.

Do I need a referral?

Yes you do need a referral from your GP or from your specialist to see Dr Laban.

Will I get a Medicare rebate?

Provided you have been referred by your GP or specialist to Dr Laban, you will be entitled to a Medicare rebate which will cover part of the cost of your consultation. There will still be a component of the consultation fee that will be out of pocket. We will process the Medicare rebate for you.

Where can I find parking?

North Shore Private Hospital. Metered parking is available on Westbourne Street or parking is available in the Wilson car park on Reserve Road.

Dee Why. Parking is available at the Dee Why Grand shopping centre accessed via Sturdee Parade or Pacific Parade.

Erina. Parking is available on the ground floor of the Element Building or on surrounding roads.

East Sydney Private Hospital. Parking is available in the Wilson carpark accessed via Kennedy Street or at The Sydney Boulevard Hotel, 90 William Street, or the Domain Car Park accessed via St Mary’s Road.

Northern Beaches Hospital. Parking is available in the hospital car park accessed via Frenchs Forest Road and Warringah Road. Patient and visitor parking is located on ground level up to level 6.

Woy Woy. Street parking is available on Kingsley Avenue, off Ocean Beach Road, near Rogers Park.

How long will I be in hospital?

How long you are in hospital for will depend on the operation you have, your age and your symptoms. After minimally invasive spine surgery many patients are able to go home the morning following the operation. Patients undergoing spinal fusion may be in hospital for five to seven days. Patients undergoing uncomplicated brain or peripheral nerve surgery may only require to stay one or two nights in hospital. This is general information only and the exact timing of your stay in hospital will be determined by your individual circumstances and will be discussed with you by Dr Laban prior to surgery.

Can I drive after surgery?

It is advisable to avoid driving for at least two weeks after your operation. If you have had brain surgery it is important you do not drive until you are specifically cleared do so by Dr Laban.

When will I be able to return to work after surgery?

Recovery time will vary depending on the condition you have the proposed operation. Generally it is advised that you have two weeks off work to recover from any surgery however it will depend on your individual circumstances and Dr Laban will discuss this in further detail with you at your appointment.

What happens after surgery?

All patients are usually seen for a post-operative consultation by Dr Laban six weeks after surgery. We will contact you to arrange a suitable time for this follow up appointment. Some patients may require further scans prior to this appointment and we will provide you with referrals for these as necessary.

Do you provide second opinions?

Dr Laban is happy to provide a second opinion to patients considering treatment for a neurosurgical condition. Simply contact us to book your appointment.

What does minimally invasive surgery mean?

Minimally invasive surgery means surgery through small incisions. Generally patients experience a faster recovery and a shorter stay in hospital as a result of the use of minimally invasive techniques.

What if I need emergency assistance?

If an emergency arises please call “000” immediately or attend your nearest hospital emergency department.